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  • Wholesale clothing trends to stock in your boutique in 2021
  • Post author
    Zoe Amy Mandt-Rauch

Wholesale clothing trends to stock in your boutique in 2021

Wholesale clothing trends to stock in your boutique in 2021

When you’re thinking ahead about what you want to fill your boutique with this spring, it might seem like you have some hard choices to make. After all, there are so many stylish options out there, how do you narrow it down to the curated and personal collection you want to present to your customers?

Well, here we give you a rundown of the trends for wholesale clothing in Australia for 2021. That way, you can get ahead in your ordering and relax, knowing you have your purchases sorted.

Sustainable fabrics:

The fashion industry makes up 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and your customers are starting to wake up to the effect this has on their planet. Sustainable fabrics are a huge trend for 2021. Thankfully, there is a wide range of sustainable fabric options, that don’t cost the earth:


Linen is the perfect, rich feeling, sustainable fabric. It’s made from flax, which you can grow anywhere, without using much water. It’s resistant to bacteria as well as moths, biodegradable and so good for the environment. Our wholesale 100% Italian linen clothing is the perfect choice for your environmentally conscious customer.

Organic cotton

Cotton generally is not a great sustainable fabric due to the large amount of water it takes (20,000 liters) to produce a kilogram of the material. Organic cotton is better, grown as it is without pesticides or chemicals. Recycled cotton is even better. This is made from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, saving it from landfill. 


Another good choice for the eco-conscious, silk is harvested from silkworms living on mulberry trees. These trees can be grown without pesticides or fertilizers, require much less water than cotton, and the material itself is biodegradable. 


A cellulose material made out of wood pulp, TENCEL needs less water and energy to produce. It’s 50% more absorbent than cotton and is anti-bacterial. The wood pulp required is taken from forests that are sustainably grown, and any waste gets recycled. It’s often used for activewear.


Looking for a completely recycled fabric? Econyl is made from discarded fishing nets. First used for activewear such as swimsuits and leggings, it’s becoming more popular, with high-end brands like Gucci getting in on the action. Econyl can give you a nylon equivalent with a manufacturing process that results in 50% less C02.

Ethically made fashion

Everyone’s thinking about their impact on the planet now and, what started with replacing your plastic water bottles, has made its way to considering the fabrics we wear. Working out what fabrics are the most environmentally friendly and sustainable can be tricky for your customers. Thankfully, as we’ve mentioned, there is now a large range of ethical fabrics to choose from.

Our impact on the planet isn’t the only way we are re-examining our fashion choices. Your customers will be considering other ethical implications of their chosen blazer: the manufacturing conditions and how employees are treated, for example. 

Our collections in fresh and breathable 100% Italian linen, tick all the boxes when you’re ordering your wholesale linen clothing. A perfect pairing with the athleisure joggers that we just can’t let go of, or the jeans that we’re putting back into rotation.

Minimalist neutrals

Neutrals used to spell boring, no-one wanted head-to-toe blend-into-the-background beige. But this season’s neutrals don’t have to mean disappearing. Neutral tones combined with the structure of clean lines can be the most stand-out outfit in the room. Whether you’re looking at the more structured tailoring of an oversized blazer, over a tucked-in linen blouse in a similar shade, or layering a camel overcoat on top of a cream cashmere sweater this trend embodies relaxed chic. 

For those feeling even more daring, solid monochrome colorways make a strong statement. Opt for different textures to add more interest to your outfit, and high-quality pieces in natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, or silk. We’ll want to keep things simple in 2021, and this is the perfect way to create the base for that capsule wardrobe we’re all searching for.

Mustard and Camel color styling

Heading back to the 70s once more (the decade that keeps on giving!) mustard and camel color styling were prominent on the catwalks. A little bit more vibrant than some of the more gentle neutrals seen elsewhere, this combination is so flattering and versatile, lending itself to tailoring or more flowing, floral looks. 

You might find that a lot of your customers steer away from mustards, having been told that yellow washes them out. The truth is, there is a shade and a piece to suit everybody, whether it’s a relaxed shirt with delicate buttons to go with their faux leather joggers, or simply a baguette bag to bring a splash of color to an oversized camel blazer or trench for those rainy afternoon coffee dates.


Pantone color of 2021: ultimate gray

If mustard and camel isn’t for you, but you want something to pair your latest yellow purchase with, then look no further than Pantone’s color of 2021 - Ultimate Gray.

In fact, it’s such a perfect pairing that Pantone has nominated Illuminating (a bright, buttercup yellow) alongside it this year. Pantone’s Executive Director announced that:

“The union of enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude.”

Which is a message I’m sure we can all get alongside in the coming year.

Ultimate Gray evokes rich, natural fabrics: cashmere, wool, sumptuous silks. Offering a grounding to the lighter neutrals we’ve mentioned, pairing a flowing yellow dress with a gray cashmere cardigan, or chic mustard trousers with a gray turtleneck balances your silhouette and colorway perfectly. Steady, but optimistic, just like us all right now.

Where to go from here

When you’re considering which of these new styles to stock in your boutique, you can trust that etika is the best choice for wholesale women’s clothing in Australia. Providing your customers with the building blocks for the perfect 2021 wardrobe, and gracing your store with our stylish and versatile designs in Italian linens, cottons and silks in variety of fashionable colours.  Why not give us a call to discuss your needs?

  • Post author
    Zoe Amy Mandt-Rauch